Quincy Street

Neighborhood: Dorchester

Description:  The Boston Public Works Department is reconstructing Quincy Street, from Blue Hill Ave to Columbia Road.  On the heels of the newly constructed developments, the Public Works Department, in collaboration with the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, is looking to design a healthy, innovative, and thriving corridor that is representative of this community.

We look to improve the streetscape and create an environment that is safe, convenient, and comfortable for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.  The main objectives of this project are to revitalize the urban landscape of Quincy Street, improve pedestrian travel and accessibility, improve traffic flow, and improve traffic signals along the corridor.

Project Status: In Construction

Project Cost: $3,500,000

Project Start: Spring 2018

Estimated Project Completion: 2019

Project Design Team:

  • Jeff Alexis, Project Manager, BPWD
  • STV, Design Consultant
  • Coordinating W/ BTD, BHA, DND, Choice Neighborhood Advisory Team