Central Square

24 x 36 Cent Sq

Neighborhood: East Boston

Description: Central Square is a neighborhood Main Streets district in the heart of the East Boston community. Laid out in the days of horse and carriage, the square includes vast expanses of pavement and an oval park in the center that is difficult to access. The redesigned square will reclaim much of the pavement for pedestrian use by narrowing the streets, expanding the park, and widening the sidewalks to create spaces for outdoor seating, cafes, and greenscape elements. Traffic will be better organized and bike lanes will be added where possible to improve traffic flow and create a safer environment for cyclists.

Project Status: Completed

Project Cost: $8,000,000

Project Start: Summer2015

Project Completion: 2018

Project Team:

  • Charlotte Fleetwood, Project Manager, BTD
  • Zach Wassmouth, BPWD
  • Cathy Baker-Eclipse, Boston Parks and Recreation 
  • Howard Stein Hudson with Klopfer Martin Design Group, Design Consultants
  • McCourt Construction Company, Contractor
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Ruggles Street

Neighborhood: Roxbury

Description:  Streetscape improvements to the Ruggles Street corridor from Tremont Street to Washington Street. Enhancements will include accessible sidewalks, lighting upgrades, tree plantings, traffic calming, and bicycle accommodations.

Project Status: In Design

Estimated Project Start: 2020

Project Manager: Zach Wassmouth

Public Meeting #1 (May 16, 2018)

  • Meeting Flyer
  • Meeting Presentation
  • Meeting Handout

Public Meeting #2 (August 23, 2018)

  • Meeting Flyer
  • Meeting Presentation
  • Preferred Option Handout
  • Design Element Boards

Public Meeting #3 (November 15, 2018)

  • Meeting Flyer
  • Meeting Presentation
  • Design Element Boards
  • Preferred Option Handout
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North Square

North Square

Neighborhood: North End

Description: The Boston Public Works Department will be making site improvements to North Square. The Square is one of Boston’s oldest occupied neighborhoods and is a part of a vibrant community fabric in the North End. A popular tourist destination, North Square features the Paul Revere House and the Freedom Trail, with its 4 million annual visitors. The revitalization of North Square will be founded on the idea of developing an open space with multiple urban uses. The purpose of the project will be to improve the ability for people to enjoy the square. This will be done by developing its identity as a cultural destination and making the space accessible for all. The Square is an important part of the historic fabric of the City and will be approached with due concern for community and stakeholder input and concerns.

At completion, North Square will be a livable, walkable, multimodal, green and sustainable square, accommodating all users of this historic space.

Project Status: In construction

Estimated Project Cost: $1,700,000

Estimated Project Start: Spring 2018

Estimated Project Completion: 2018

Project Design Team:

  • Joseph Fleury, Project Manager, BPWD
  • BETA Inc, Design Consultant
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Quincy Street

Neighborhood: Dorchester

Description:  The Boston Public Works Department is reconstructing Quincy Street, from Blue Hill Ave to Columbia Road.  On the heels of the newly constructed developments, the Public Works Department, in collaboration with the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, is looking to design a healthy, innovative, and thriving corridor that is representative of this community.

We look to improve the streetscape and create an environment that is safe, convenient, and comfortable for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.  The main objectives of this project are to revitalize the urban landscape of Quincy Street, improve pedestrian travel and accessibility, improve traffic flow, and improve traffic signals along the corridor.

Project Status: In Construction

Project Cost: $3,500,000

Project Start: Spring 2018

Estimated Project Completion: 2019

Project Design Team:

  • Jeff Alexis, Project Manager, BPWD
  • STV, Design Consultant
  • Coordinating W/ BTD, BHA, DND, Choice Neighborhood Advisory Team
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South Street and Bussey Street Intersection Improvements

Neighborhood: Jamaica Plain


  • Formation of a “T” intersection
  • All way stop
  • Narrowed lanes at intersection approaches
  • Allow for future bicycle accommodations
  • Allow for future connectivity with Blackwell Path Extension and Arboretum Gateway Path

Project Status: In construction

Estimated Project Completion: 2018

Project Design Team:

  • Zachary Wassmouth, BPWD
  • Boston Transportation Department
  • Boston Water and Sewer Commission
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Commonwealth Avenue Phase 3 and 4

Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton

Description: The Boston Public Works Department is redesigning Commonwealth Avenue between Brighton Avenue (Packard’s Corner) and Warren/Kelton Streets.  With its solid apartment blocks, unique carriage roads, landscaped median, and MBTA transit reservation, this segment of Comm. Ave. is both a multi-modal transportation corridor and home for thousands of people.    The redesigned corridor will feature separated bicycle facilities, improvements to pedestrian sidewalks and crosswalks, enhanced access to the MBTA Green Line, preservation and enhancement of historic landscape features, and implementation of innovative sustainable features.    The centerpiece of the project will be the redesigned intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Harvard Avenue. Through a combination of geometric improvements and urban design features, this busy commercial and transit hub will be revitalized, with an emphasis on maximizing pedestrian space and amenities.

At completion, Commonwealth Avenue will be a livable, walkable, multimodal, green and sustainable corridor, safely and efficiently accommodating all users of this signature Boston Boulevard.

Project Status: In design

Estimated Project Cost: $24,200,000

Estimated Project Start: 2019

Estimated Project Completion: 2021

Project Design Team:

  • Zach Wassmouth, Project Manager, BPWD
  • Consultant Team – HDR Engineering, Inc. teamed with Crosby Schlessinger Smallridge, LLC, Ronald W. Buia, Inc., SMC, RM Engineering, Inc.
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Mattapan Square Beautification

Neighborhood: Mattapan

Description: The Boston Public Works Department received state funding to beautify Mattapan Square.  Proposed work includes:

  • Adding landscaping planters to the median between River Street and Babson Street
  • Adding landscaping planters around the Rise/Gateway to Boston sculptures
  • Repairing the granite curbing around existing tree pits
  • Pedestrian ramp repairs

Project Status: Completed

Project Cost: $500,000 – Funding secured by Representative Daniel Cullinane, Representative Russell Holmes, and Senator Linda Dorcena Forry, with support from Councilor Timothy McCarthy.

Project Design Team:

  • William Egan, BPWD
  • Nitsch Engineering, Design Consultant
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Connect Historic Boston

Neighborhood: Charlestown/Downtown/North End

Description: The City of Boston and the National Parks Service collaborated on a planning process to create a pedestrian and bicycle network to connect historic sites in downtown Boston. In 2013 the City was awarded a $15.5 million Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Grant, from the United States Department of Transportation, for the design and construction of Connect Historic Boston – Phase 1. The City of Boston Public Works Department is leading a team of City departments and consultant firms to bring four of the concepts developed in the planning process to 100% design and construction:

  1. The Connect Historic Boston Bike Trail – The Bike Trail will be a family friendly bicycle loop around downtown Boston. The TIGER Grant project includes Phase 1 of the trail (Staniford Street, Causeway Street, Commercial Street, and Atlantic Avenue.
  2. Blackstone Block – The Blackstone Block will become a shared street environment with improved accessibility and connectivity between Haymarket and Faneuil Hall.
  3. Constitution Road – Constitution Road will become a welcoming multimodal gateway to the Charlestown Navy Yard. The proposed design will maintain current operations of the street for residents and buses, while improving bicycle and pedestrian access.
  4. Joy Street – Traffic calming and increased walking space on Joy Street will shift the street in favor of pedestrians and lead the way over Beacon Hill by foot.

Project Status: In construction

Estimated Project Cost: $23,000,000

Project Start: Spring 2015

Estimated Project Completion:  2018

Project Design Team:

  • Bill Egan, Project Manager, BPWD
  • Howard/Stein-Hudson, Design Consultant – Bike Trail
  • Fay, Spofford, and Thorndike, Design Consultant – Blackstone Block
  • Nitsch Engineering, Design Consultant – Constitution Road & Joy Street

Project Construction Team:

  • Katie Choe, Project Construction Manager, BPWD
  • P.
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