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Central SquareCentral SquareCentral SquareCentral SquareCentral Square

By Boston Public Works

On 18, Jun 2015 | In | By Boston Public Works

Central Square

Neighborhood: East Boston

Description: Central Square is a neighborhood Main Streets district in the heart of the East Boston community. Laid out in the days of horse and carriage, the square includes vast expanses of pavement and an oval park in the center that is difficult to access. The redesigned square will reclaim much of the pavement for pedestrian use by narrowing the streets, expanding the park, and widening the sidewalks to create spaces for outdoor seating, cafes, and greenscape elements. Read more…

Long Island Bridge – Demolition

By Boston Public Works

On 24, Feb 2015 | In | By Boston Public Works

Long Island Bridge – Demolition

Neighborhood: Boston/Quincy

Description: The Long Island Bridge, which carried traffic from Moon Island to Long Island, has been closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic since October 8, 2014.  The Boston Public Works Department, with Walsh Construction as its contractor, has executed a contract to demolish the existing bridge.  The bridge is 16 spans and 3,450′ in length and also carried utilities to both Long Island and Spectacle Island.   The demolition contract will include taking down the bridge, as well as the relocation of utilities to the seabed.  The current timeline calls for the demolition of the bridge to be completed by April 30th, 2015, with the installation of utilities to be completed by June 15th.

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North SquareNorth SquareNorth SquareNorth Square

By Boston Public Works

On 19, Nov 2014 | In | By Boston Public Works

North Square

Neighborhood: North End

Description: The Boston Public Works Department will be making site improvements to North Square. The Square is one of Boston’s oldest occupied neighborhoods and is a part of a vibrant community fabric in the North End. A popular tourist destination, North Square features the Paul Revere House and the Freedom Trail, with its 4 million annual visitors. The revitalization of North Square will be founded on the idea of developing an open space with multiple urban uses. The purpose of the project will be to improve the ability for people to enjoy the square. Read more…

Connect Historic BostonConnect Historic BostonConnect Historic BostonConnect Historic BostonConnect Historic BostonConnect Historic Boston

By Boston Public Works

On 16, Nov 2014 | In | By Boston Public Works

Connect Historic Boston

Neighborhood: Charlestown/Downtown/North End

Description: The City of Boston and the National Parks Service collaborated on a planning process to create a pedestrian and bicycle network to connect historic sites in downtown Boston. In 2013 the City was awarded a $15.5 million Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Grant, from the United States Department of Transportation, for the design and construction of Connect Historic Boston – Phase 1. Read more…